Immigrants Love Australia, Europe, And The US


It is not easy for any country to accept ‘uninvited’ immigrants for permanently settling down.

The good old story of ‘The Arab and The Camel’!

It was a cold wintry night in the desert.

The camel requested the Arab, to let him put his head in the tent.

The Arab agreed, but repented later.


Slowly, the camel moved in and the Arab was pushed out.

We may face similar problems in the World?

A civilised humanity

We are a civilised society.

To ban immigrants is not a civilised act.

More so, when immigrants are being pushed out of their country – Syrian immigrants, or Myanmar Muslims.

But humane civility often leads to discomfort later:

Violence in France, Belgium, and the US,

Mass sex attacks by immigrants in Germany, and Sweden,

Referendum for Brexit in the UK,

And emerging concept of a wall on the US-Mexican border!

What can we do?

Prevention is better than cure

Immigrants need to be told:

‘ You will abide by the laws of this country.

We have not invited you.

You came; it was your requirement.

You will not insist on ‘religious rights’, if these are in conflict with local laws.’

Australia has done it.

France has banned hijab – ‘burqa’ – for Muslim girls within the school.

Still, there are problems.

Message for immigrants

We all want to move to greener pastures, in search of:

Better job prospects, and better quality of living – no religious persecution.

But once rehabilitated, other social needs crop up, asking for satisfaction.

Onus lies on immigrants to join the main stream of life.

Locals – who are there since ages – do deserve their right of priority.

If you remain isolated, and don’t integrate, with locals, you got to rethink!

Onus lies on you to adjust your life style, which is acceptable to host country.

As guests in another country, don’t cause undue restlessness in society, by demanding facilities as a right.

Immigrants – an asset

Immigrants, even from an underdeveloped country can be an asset.

Mexicans immigrants – both illegal and legal – fulfill a social need in the US.

There are jobs, locals aren’t very keen to do, but Mexicans are comfortable in doing.

We need to optimize the whole gamut, but not by divisibility of humanity.

Votes matter in democracy

Democracy is an essential evil, of a civilised society.

* There are ex-Mexican Americans votes in the US.

Politicians sympathise with illegal immigrants too, to lure the votes of ex-Mexican US citizens.

Politicians will always exploit such issues.

Immigrants are a potential vote-bank, everywhere.

Inculcate a sense of discipline among immigrants

To accept immigrants from Syria, was magnanimity of Europe.

Onus is on European nations to inculcate a sense of discipline among illiterate immigrants from underdeveloped countries.

We are living in transition times.

The paradox:

There is an obvious divisibility of humanity.

But diffusion is a law of nature.

Amicable diffusion of immigrants is the need of the hour.

Why resentment!

Immigrants reduce the job opportunities of locals.

Immigrants don’t integrate with locals, socially – may be due to mismatch financially

But we can handle the issue, while maintaining social harmony and without dividing humanity.

Animals and birds don’t believe in borders and visas.

To emulate them isn’t a utopian goal.

It is workable.

What The Immigration Medical Examination Entails

When an aspirant applies for the Green Card, one of the steps in the entire process is appearing for the Immigration Medical Examination.


Once the applicant fixes up an appointment with the Civil Surgeon, who is specifically appointed by the USCIS, a body which monitors all immigration procedures in the United States of America.

The applicant will be asked whether there are any symptoms that could imply the following:

• Pulmonary
• Cardiovascular
• Musculoskeletal and
• Neuropsychiatric.

Other symptoms will also be looked out for which would indicate whether the applicant is infected with any of the diseases or not. The Civil Surgeon will check for any infections that could make the person not valid for admission.


A physical examination will then be conducted, where the applicant’s physical organs will be examined – nose, throat, eyes, ears, heart, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, external organs etc.

The applicant’s mental make-up will also be checked – to rule out any mental illness or condition. In this examination the doctor will check for the intelligence, comprehension, mood, behavior and other psychological nuances.

There are certain diseases that render the person inadmissible into the immigration procedure. There will be blood tests and X-rays that are a part of the testing. Fasting need not be done before taking the test, but the doctor should be consulted for this before taking the test.

In case the applicant is sick and cannot take all the tests then a recommendation to the applicant’s family doctor will be made. The applicant can get better and then told to come back and then take the immigration medical exam after some time.

If the applicant has an unusual case and there are some uncertainties then the applicant could be referred to some other doctor to get a second opinion. Further testing too could be performed, if the doctor calls for it.


Once the entire examination is done, a form will be given to the doctor that has to be filled up. In this form, which is called the I-693 the doctor will record the findings of the examination and the testing details.

The applicant will be given a sealed envelope which contains all the details from the doctor. This sealed cover has to be handed over to the USCIS without disturbing the contents.

If the envelope is found opened then the examination will be considered invalid. It can happen that when a visa is being applied for overseas, then the respective consulate will get the results directly.

This article talks about the procedure of the Immigration Medical Examination, an integral part of the process for application of a Green Card. The article also talks about various examinations that have to be conducted by the USCIS Civil Surgeon, a doctor who is appointed by USCIS.

Immigration to Germany Is Increasing

Germany has gained its status as one of the most coveted destinations for immigration across the globe. Almost 11 million people in this country are not born here but in other parts of the world.

The proportion of immigrants is more in Germany among those in the working people. There are cities in the country that are attracting more immigrants than others, like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Hamburg. There is a job seeker visa which is available in people of other countries to find a job here and stay until they find one. The migrants have made an extensive contribution to the German economy.

Immigration in Germany has led to a great growth in the employment in this country. Apart from starting their own organizations, the immigrants have also occupied important jobs in this country like that of senior executives. The occupations for German immigrants are in different sectors including media, and civil services. The association of Germany Trade and Invest is also quite cooperative towards German immigrants who are willing to set their own business in Germany. When immigrants consult the guide released by this agency, they get complete information about the corporate taxation and the other rules which apply to start-ups in this country.

Since the economy of Germany is currently growing, there is also major scope for employment here for people in different sectors like healthcare, IT and engineering. Hence immigration to Germany for job seeking purposes is a lucrative venture for anybody. A job seeker visa is available to a person for 6 months. He cannot be employed on his job seeker visa. Once he has found a job, then he can avail a European Union Blue card to extend his stay in this country. The application for a job seeker visa to Germany should include a cover letter explaining the plans of a candidate once his plans to get employment during the duration of his job seeker visa are not successful. An applicant should also be able to prove that his non-German degree is of as much worth as a German degree. He should also be able to show his prior work experience in his home country through the relevant work experience certificates.

Candidates who are looking forward to immigration in Germany should know that even after submission of visa application and submission of documents, their application can get rejected if they fail in this visa interview.

Locating a Doctor for The Immigration Medical Examination

When those who have immigrant status are required to adjust it or those who are non-immigrants still request for “V” non-immigrant status then such individuals are required to go through what is called an Immigration Medical Examination. For immigrants they have to apply for adjustment of status in Form I-485 and those who are non-immigrants have to do so in Form I 539.


As you must be aware an immigration medical exam is mandatory for an individual, if the same is applying for a change of status in the United States of America. In order to have this done the same must be conducted by a doctor, or what is called an Immigration Doctor. These doctors must be specially approved by the USCIS, or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. These immigration doctors are called Civil Surgeons by USCIS and are required to undergo some regulatory checks before they can take on the mantle of serving as USCIS Doctors.


For those immigrant aspirants who reside inside the United States a physician approved by USCIS – a doctor duly trained and qualified to administer the tests can conduct the examination.


Those individuals who stay outside the country are required to conduct the examination by physicians who are appointed by the U S Department of State. These immigration doctors are also called ‘panel physicians’. For those who wish to find out more about these doctors can log on to the Department of State website, in order to find a specific doctor near the immigrant’s location.


No. The fees are not decided by USCIS. Instead, each Civil Surgeon can fix up his or her own fees for various tests and vaccinations that make up the Immigration Medical Examination. Rates therefore, can vary from doctor to doctor.


For applying to take the medical examination the applicant has to print out and carry with him the latest form relevant – the Form I 693. The PART 1 of the form has to be filled out – the form should be filled out but care should be taken that it is not signed, until the applicant is instructed by the Civil Surgeon that it can be done.

Article details out what needs to be done for the Immigration Medical Examination – it talks about how there are doctors inside the United States and doctors inside the country – they have to be qualified doctors and appointed by the immigration body inside the country – USCIS, and for those outside the country there are panel physicians appointed by the US Department of State and they can conduct tests outside the country.