How Can You Immigrate to Victoria?

For all those people, who are looking forward to immigrating to Australia, Victoria is a nice destination with an ample number of beaches. There are many ways a candidate can go to this province. He can get a nomination from the government of this province itself (visa class 190).

Skilled visa class 489: The second way through which nomination from the government(489) can be sought in those cases when the person is qualified for those skilled occupations for which the local manpower is not available. There are occupation lists which are in demand in this province which need manpower. So, the candidates who are interested in migration to this province should get knowledge about such occupations from the Occupations List released by this Australian province.

However, getting a nomination from the Australian government is no guarantee of the immigration to this province because the final approval for that is given by the Department Of Immigration and Border Protection. The second way for an employee to migrate is to get the sponsorship from a certain employer who must declare that he is unable to find local labor for a certain set of job skills. There are a certain number of applicants which can be nominated by the state government under the skilled migration visa subclass (489). The candidate should not be 50 years of age. The applicant should also have scored a minimum of 6.0 in all the bands of IELTS. Moreover, the candidates should have ample experience and chosen any occupation mentioned in the State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria.

Under this visa class, apart from the selected occupations, the candidate also needs to fulfill certain work experience and English language proficiency needs to become eligible for it.

RSMS: For those candidates, who are looking forward to employer sponsorship, knowledge about Regional sponsored migration scheme(RSMS) is quite essential. The RSMS has many benefits for employees who are looking forward to migration to this province. The benefits are listed below:

· Reside in Australia permanently

· Become a part of a regional institute

· Be entitled to get healthcare at subsidized rates

· Give sponsorship to other people for permanent residence

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) provides a permanent Australia immigration visa pathway for skilled migrants looking to work in a regional or low population growth area of Australia. The visa allows employers in these areas to sponsor migrants to fill skilled vacancies in their business which cannot be filled locally.