7 Common Immigration Mistakes To Be Avoided

While applying for immigration benefits, there are some common mistakes people make, but can be avoided. These mistakes can sometimes cause serious trouble at the end of the road, like not being able to reunite with their family, loss of both the application filing fee and the immigration fee, being deported and inability to re-enter the US. So, caution must be taken to avoid these simple mistakes listed below.

1. Providing Incorrect information:

When applying for immigration benefits, it is necessary to provide all the right information. This is right from the point where the immigration forms are filed. Fraudulent information or misrepresenting any facts for obtaining the immigration benefits must be avoided.

2. Late Responses to USCIS queries:

If the US Citizenship and Immigration Services needs any additional information for processing any immigration application, it sends a Request for Evidence (RFE) to the applicant. This request has to be replied with sufficient documentation within the stipulated deadline. Ignoring or missing the deadline for the RFE can lead to denial of the application.

3. Immigration Interviews and Court Hearings:

Attending the interviews set up by the USCIS and the court hearings is very important in the process of granting an immigration. Ignoring these interviews and court hearings can also lead to the application being rejected.

4. Filing application without the fee:

USCIS forms usually have a processing fee. Fee waiver is also available for most forms. Those who cannot afford to pay the fees, can send the application along with a request for fee waiver. USCIS does not process any application which does not have the fee or the proper fee waiver request.

5. Send the application to the wrong office:

The instruction form along with the application should be read carefully. The address to which the application form should be sent to is given clearly in the instruction form. The application must be sent to the correct address to avoid delay where the application is either returned to the sender or sometimes forwarded to the right address.

6. Not everyone who applies is successful:

Some of the applicants, even though they do not meet the criteria for immigration benefits, simply apply because their friends or relatives have applied and have obtained the benefits. Every applicant is evaluated and not everyone who applies is eligible for the benefit. Reading the instruction forms thoroughly clarifies the eligibility criteria and provides newer options available.

7. Eligibility:

Applying for an immigration benefit for which they are not eligible is a very common mistake. Reading the Instruction Form before applying and checking for an individual’s eligibility can be done before applying.

Migration to Australia From India – Now Easy As Abc

Australia, the land famous for serenity and less concrete has often been considered the first preference for vacation and a short term leisure stay. But, with the increasing developments and the sky touching skylines, this land is now idealized as a dream home for many Indian families. In hunt for better prospects and a lavish lifestyle, nearly 5 lakh Indians file for a visa to Australia each year and strive on their luck for a successful Australia immigration.

Why Australia for long-time stay?

For Indians, Australia is a perfect place to dwell. When you move to Australia, no matter whichever state or territory you choose to relocate, the Australia crowd gives you their best support to make the place comfortable. Certainly, they provide all support to make you feel the place homely.

Another good reason for Indians to consider Australia is the Australian government. Along with its citizens, the government of Australia makes the place perfect to dwell, without any restrictions or constraints. The government has designed a visa program by which professionals with skills and good caliber can move to the country and enjoy all rights equal to that of citizens. This visa program is called Permanent Residency.

Upon gaining this permanent residency status, the government makes it even easier and cozy for professionals by offering long term stay and work rights, free education for kids, free medical and healthcare for entire family and most importantly, marks PR holders as high priority for best profile jobs.

Moreover, on completion of four years of successful stay in Australia, the Australian government provides PR holders a benefit of extending their stay by applying for Australian citizenship.

What is a Permanent Resident Visa?

A Permanent Resident Visa is an official permit issued to eligible candidates to stay, work and settle in Australia without any restriction. If you have successfully obtained this visa, then there are plenty of benefits you would be enjoying as Australian permanent residents. Depending upon your eligibility criteria and source of Australia immigration, you can apply for any of the following visa programs:

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)– If you believe that you have high skills, apt work experience and best core human capital factors, you can gain PR through this visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)– If you believe that you have skills that meet the requirements of a specific Australian state, you can apply for a state nomination through this visa.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)– If you have any relative residing in any region of Australia and wishes to sponsor you, you can apply for PR under this program.

Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476)– If you are fresh Engineering graduate with no work experience, you can initially apply for a visa grant under this program followed by Australia PR in future.

Is Australia PR visa easy for you?

Certainly it is; provided that you have an age less than 40 years, a Bachelors degree, minimum of two years work experience in an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List of Australia and good English language skills. All these factors are considered and under standardized points based grid of Australia, scores are calculated. If your calculation reaches to up to 60 points, then you have all rights to apply for the Australia PR visa.

Since Australia immigration works by a method of Points Based Immigration System, you need to calculate your score in order to know whether PR is for you or not. In this regard, it is best advised that an expert help is taken for accurate and time-friendly results.

What process does it take to get Australia PR?

To apply for a direct Australia PR visa, it involves a 7 stage flexible process. Have a look at the overview of the Australia PR process structure:

· Skills Assessment: skills are assessed as per Australian standard

· Expression of Interest: online profile with all details about you must be created

· Pool of Applications: profile lands into a pool and assessed against others based on score

· Invitation to Apply: profiles with highest scores set for the time are issued an ITA

· DIBP Application: 90 days time is given to make final PR application along with PR fee

· Medicals and PCC: Health documents and evidence of moral character must be produced

· Visa Approval: Upon verification and approval, visa is issued to you

When you are planning to migrate to Australia from India, it is important that you stay thorough of the process, recent rule changes and visa policies. If you are unable to stay informed in this aspect, you can take help of any of the best Australia immigration consultants in India.

What could be an added advantage to your PR application?

Job Offer-Job offer from any reputed Australian employer boosts chances for a quick PR. If you have an arranged job offer, you are regarded as first preference for PR.

Accompanying Spouse- Incorporating an eligible spouse can help you increase your points on the application. This gives way to a quicker ITA.

State Nomination- Being nominated by a State is the highest advantage of all. This not only increases chances for quicker visa but also enhances your impression for Australian job opportunities.

The Importance of Immigration in Relation to the US Economy

In the current global climate, immigration is a touchy and often misunderstood subject. Few people are comfortable with the idea and even fewer understand just how important it is for their country’s economy. Take the United States for example: Immigration in the U.S. has supported the growth and overall dynamism for an incredibly long time.

Both immigrants and refugees alike become business owners, job creators, consumers and of course; tax payers. Without this industry the United States economy would be down several trillions of dollars, and their essentiality to the economy will only become more and more prevalent in the future.

It’s not a perfect system, nothing ever is, though with little more time, effort and refinement; the U.S. economy could benefit even further through legislative reforms – for example providing the large number of unauthorised immigrants in the country with a clear path to lawful citizenship.

Immigration saves lives and creates opportunities

There is a lot of stigma that surrounds immigration and some people see it in a very negative light, with the idea that some people wish to do them harm or are merely moving to exploit the country. This is obviously only the case in some very rare and extreme cases, whereas for the most part immigrants or refugees have only the purest intentions and are looking to improve the lives of them and their families.

Regardless to the evident positive effects of immigrants in the United States and its economy; with increased tensions in the current global climate and the tenor of a new administration – a more restrictive policy threatens to make things a whole lot more complicated for everyone involved.

More restrictions on immigration enforcement and refugee resettlement will create additional financial costs for tax payers and will threaten countless immigrants and their families across the country. Many of said immigrants are potentially survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and even those feeling war-torn countries and seeking safety and asylum in one of the greatest Nations on Earth.

Yes, it is as complicated as it sounds, though it’s not impossible to crack.

If you are thinking about moving to the U.S. then you’ll likely be aware of just how complicated the whole procedure is – before you get started you’ll have to take this into consideration.

Immigration is an absolute minefield, with so many rules, regulations, pitfalls and complications it’s no wonder why there is such high demand for agencies who can aid and assist people through the procedure by creating you an U.S. Immigration Plan.

And rightly so too, there is so much depth to the procedure that it is all too easy to miss something and there is nothing more frustrating than spending so much time on something, only to find that you’ve missed something minor. By going through an agency or seeking out an immigration consultant, you will be working directly with someone who is entirely up to date with the current laws and regulation and they can assist you in making sure that you complete the application as smoothly as possible.

In a nut shell, it’s not an impossible situation and if you’re a genuine and law-abiding citizen who is looking for a new and positive change in your life then you should definitely go ahead and apply. Make a positive change in your life and build the future that you have always dreamed of.

Picking the Best Immigration Lawyer

The laws of immigration involve some very complex aspects and they require great attention that is specialized so as to ensure that all matters are dealt with appropriately. The lawyers can assist you in areas that you may find yourself in a fix such as when you need a visa application or when you want a card for permanent residency. There are many problems that can come up and this may endanger your citizenship status or naturalization especially if you are an immigrant.

When dealing with immigration matters, you should always choose someone who is experienced to ensure that their know-how is able to benefit you in the best way possible. Such a firm should have access to many resources that make them stand out as the best. This is the only way in which they can be able to handle situations that may seem impossible.

How to pick the best?

Making a wise choice is the only way you will have your case handled well. Some of the things that can help include:

Not looking for a bargain

You should never make a blind choice. There are many people who are not as good at this profession as they should be. Many are mediocre. There are others who take up too many cases at a time and this makes it hard for them to concentrate on the cases at hand. Others lack experience in the most important parts of the law. Yet others are in it for the money and they want to make as much as possible in the shortest time possible.

A thorough research should help. Look into reputations and make your own evaluation based on that. You should not hold back from paying a great sum of money for someone who will definitely add more input to your case.

Get referrals from trusted sources

For this one, your family and network of acquaintances and friends can help you a lot. If you find someone who has dealt with this kind of thing before, they can lead you to the best firm to handle your case. The referrals can be a great choice because you will get to know about someone’s first hand experience and have better chances of getting the best while at the same time avoiding a bad experience.


When you have found a good provider, you need to get a consultation. This is where you get recommendations as well as visa options. You need to ask for references too. When someone is good at what they do, it should not be hard for them to link you to former clients who will recommend the firm and services offered.

The fees

Usually, immigration lawyers charge on an hourly basis. There are some that have fixed prices too. It is better to select the firm that has fixed fees. If this is not possible, they should give you a time frame on how long the case may take so as to help you budget and determine whether you will be able to pay or not.

Canada Immigration Lawyer may be the answer to all issues that you may have. Canadian immigration lawyers will help you with different issues that you may be facing and get you the outcome that you desire.

Canada Immigration Plan – Target For Three Years Unveiled

As Canada immigration aspirants were waiting for the Immigration Plan for 2018, the Canadian Government was indeed striving for something bigger. On November 1, 2017 The Multi-Year Immigration Levels Plan was tabled in the House of Commons, which details “the one million target” of Canada immigration up to 2020. The plan unveils of 310,000 permanent residents being invited to Canada as permanent residents in 2018, 330,000 newcomers in 2019 and a more of 340,000 getting chance to make Canada permanent home in 2020.

Undoubtedly, as termed by the Canadian Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen “it is the most ambitious immigration levels in recent Canadian history.” In this similar context, at a press conference in Toronto, the Immigration Minister said “This historic multi-year immigration levels plan will benefit all Canadians because immigrants will contribute their talents to support our economic growth and innovation, helping to keep our country at the forefront of the global economy,” stated Minister Hussen at a press conference in Toronto.

Express Entry Applicants- Next Year is coming with all good for you

While 2017 has been a wonderful year for majority of the Express Entry applicants, 2018 will have all treasures. With a higher target set for the coming year, it can be expected that the CRS cut-off thresholds will decrease and provinces will open more frequently.

As of figures, nearly 565,000 candidates with be admitted to Canada through economic programs in the next three years span. Canada Express Entry has played a great role in fulfilling Canada’s need of skilled workers at the fastest pace. Since its introduction in 2015, it has experienced nothing but more improvements which gave way to more flexible entry for immigrants. We cannot miss out saying that Canada Express Entry 2017 was a significant year during which the largest number of ITAs for Canada PR were ever issued in history.

Figures 1: Express Entry Target Estimate

Year 2018- 74,900 (4% increase)

Year 2019- 81,400 (9% increase)

Year 2020- 85,800 (5% increase)

The power of Provincial Nomination to get superior

2017 has been a busy year for provinces. Starting from January till date, various provinces have opened their arms wide to invite large number of candidates. They did their best in making eligible candidates a part of their economy by up voting their skills and talent via nomination certificates.

While that’s the story of the past, the coming year has something more exclusive. According to the plan, nearly 184,000 economic immigrants and their accompanying family members will get a chance for Canada PR through Provincial Nominee Programs in the years to come. What’s more is the provinces shall go an extra mile to make it all easier for candidates in the coming year. The recent announcement of Alberta aligning one of its AINP stream with Canada Express Entry is an evidence enough to raise new hopes.

Figures 2: Provincial Nomination Estimate

Year 2018- 55,000 (8% increase)

Year 2019- 61,000 (11% increase)

Year 2020- 67,800 (11% increase)

Another blessing in disguise- The Quebec Immigration Plan for 2018

Now, Quebec is back in the immigration race. The Quebec province which operates as a sole entity and has its own immigration policies is expected to open in 2018 for new applications. As of the released plan, the province will accept 94,000 applications of skilled workers and business immigrants in the coming three years. This means that candidates who have been dreaming for a permanent stay in Quebec, your time is now. Get ready with your applications now so you may have an instant intake during the submission.

From the Immigrant-Friendly to Immigrant-Full- Canada aims

According to the Canada 2016 census, around 22% of Canada’s population is made up by first generation immigrants. Among these, many have become naturalized citizens. With the growing interest of people in Canada and the efforts of government in inviting newcomers to the country at a faster pace, we can expect that by 2036, the share to Canada’s population by immigrants may reach as high as 30% of the overall population- giving millions of skilled workers, businessmen and their families the joy of living in Canada and benefits of an international permanent residency status.

Amendment of Visa Applications by Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration has come up with a series of important changes during November:

  • There is Postponing of the introduction of the sponsored parent visas
  • A few Changes to the criterion of 4020 fraud public interest
  • New requirements meant for health insurance and not having a health care debt
  • New conditions stating temporary residents for using a single identity while dealing with Government departments and not engaging in criminal conduct.

These changes will influence visa applicants.Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa Update
The Government had made an announcement previously about introducing the sponsored parent visas in November 2017. The legislation named as the Migration Amendment -Family Violence and Other Measures – Bill has not passed by the Senate. At present, it is with the Senate Committee for Consideration. Further information about this subject has awaited.

Changes to 4020 Fraud Public Interest Criteria
Changes have initiated to the 4020 Public Interest Criteria. This will result in refusing visa applications when misleading or false information is provided. Until now Immigration would observe information provided in the current application to be processed; or in a visa which was on hold by the applicant within the past one year; or an application which has refused in the last 3 years, but now the changes mean that an application is liable to be refused if misleading or false information is provided for Visas held/ applied Within the last 10 years. False information in a visa application, affects future applications for ten years. This clause is valid will apply for any visa applications made within the last 10 years, whether the application is given, refuse or taken out.

A common issue in 4020 is the failure to state past criminal records while submitting a visa application. The visa application form needs to include a declaration about previous offenses. When it does not complete correctly, it can start 4020 issues. This affects both the present as well as future applications, for the next ten years. These changes work with the aim that no misleading or false information is provided in the visa application.

Public Health Care Debts
The Australian Government has a concern about health care costs which has incurred by temporary visa holders in Australia which has not paid back. Visa condition 8602 requires temporary visa applicants not to have a public health debt which is outstanding. This applies to all medical costs owing to Australian state/territory/federal governments. In the event of it happening it could lead to cancellation of current visas and also make it hard to get successive visas.

Health Insurance Requirements Clarified
Temporary visas require that an applicant must hold appropriate health insurance for granting it and that they must also continue to hold it in Australia on their visas. Now the “additional adequate arrangements for health insurance” set further to the Migration Regulations. This permits the Minister to specify the type of health insurance which answers the needs of the visas. New health conditions affect people who need medical treatment and lead to obtaining proper health insurance.

Single Identity Condition 8304
With an intention to reduce the risk of identity fraud, a new visa condition 8304 has introduced which mandates all temporary visa holders to Use a single identity while dealing with Federal Government of Australia, or its State/ Territory; and If the visa holder changes his/her name, the same must be notified to the relevant agencies they are dealing at an early date and make sure that the change is given effect.

Criminal Conduct Condition 8564 and Violent/Disruptive Activities Condition 8303
Condition 8564 prohibits the visa holder to do any criminal activities in Australia.

Condition 8303 has expanded to prohibit activities that are likely to put individuals in danger or threaten them. This will make the Immigration easier to cancel temporary visas to persons involved in criminal /dangerous activities in Australia.